...all of my pieces are freehand sculpted in artist quality polymer clay.    
Each piece so sweet and always unique!  Sealed, dated, and signed.
For Orders or inquiries please email me...
A Bichon Christmas 365 days a year!
#1. Bichon Ballerina!


 Dressed in a tutu, tiara, & her best pearls, this gal performs the perfect pirouette for her fans!  "Does this tutu make my hips look big?"
 Ready to hang.
measures a fashionable ~4.5"
$35  available

#2. Fluff Air!


 This precious Bichon pilot takes his job oh so seriously!  UP, UP & AWAY!
 Ready to hang.
measures  ~4.5"x3.5"
$35 SOLD thanks!
#3A.  Bichon Snowflake!

a gorgeous 4" snowflake   $30 available

So sweet...



#3B.  Bichon Snowflake!
 an adorable 4" snowflake   $30 available

So unique...

#4.  Loving Bichon!


 Oh so loving Bichon sits lovingly with a few friends!  They sit in a high quality rustic, wooden rocker.
 Ready to hang.
measures a loving ~5"x3.5"x2"
$35 SOLD  thanks!
#5. Bichon n SockMonkey!


 Darling Bichon gives his sock monkey some cuddles!  He's definitely ready for Christmas!
 Ready to hang.
measures a sweet ~5"
$35  SOLD  thanks!

#6.  Gingerbread Man!


 Surely Mom won't mind if I have just one!

Naughty Bichon has taken a cookie off the counter, busted!  HA

 Ready to hang.
measures a yummy ~4"
$35  SOLD  thanks!
#7. CandyCane!


 Pretty gal holds on tight in anticipation of the Christmas festivities!

So sweet & unique!

 Ready to hang.
measures an adorable ~5"
$35  SOLD  thanks!
Please check back often!  New pieces added frequently throughout the season!
Custom orders always welcome... Thanks!
Bichon Ballerina  SOLD!


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