...all of my pieces are freehand sculpted in artist quality polymer clay.    
Each piece so sweet and always unique!  Sealed, dated, and signed.
For Orders or inquiries please email me...

#1.  Hand Painted Bichon stars !
2 piece ornament set
Two hand painted wooden stars, one gold, one silver.  So sweet, original BichonArt designs.  Acrylic paintings have been sealed.  Ready to hang!
stars measure  ~4.5"
$50  available

#2. Cute as a Button Bichon!
Cute as a button Bichon sits in her favorite chair waiting Santa's arrival!  Being patient is always hard! Teddy waits in anticipation as well!  Her chair is a high quality wood and fabric miniature.   Ready to hang!
 a unique 4.5" x 2" x 2"
$45  SOLD  thanks!


#3A. Shop till you drop!  $35 available
ornament a fashionable ~4.75"

#3B. Shop till you drop!  $35 SOLD!
ornament a fashionable ~4.5"
#4.  We Believe!
Charming Bichon duo, in their fashionable winter garb, sit outside their front door waiting patiently to greet holiday guests!  Ready to hang!
 an enchanting 4.5" x 3"
$40  available


#5.  Pretty in Pink!
Pretty Bichon in her best pearls and hair ribbon, adorns a pink wooden snowflake!  Ready to hang!
a gorgeous ~4" in diameter
$30  available
#6A.  7" handpainted wooden star!  $35 available
Nothing cuter than a whimsical Bichon backside!


#6B.  7" handpainted wooden star!  $35 available
Nothing cuter than a whimsical Bichon backside!

#7.  Picture Perfect Bichon!
Handsome Bichon in his winter cap and scarf, poses for his yearly Christmas card photo!  Of course he has the photo taken from his best side!   Ready to hang!
a photogenic ~5" x 3.5"
$30  SOLD  thanks!
#8.  Maltese Angel!
Endearing Maltese angel in all her glory waits to bring a shine to your Christmas tree!  Ready to hang!
 a regal 4" in height
$30  SOLD  thanks!


#9.  Peek-a-boo!
Curious Bichon peeks over the gate to keep an eye on the neighborhood happenings!  Ready to hang!
a sweet and unique ~4.75" x 3.5"
$30  available
#10.  Picture Perfect Maltese!
Oh so cute Maltese looks out at you with an expression of love!  Frame is a soft pink, wooden lattice Ready to hang!
 a lovely 5" x 3.5"
$30  available


#11.  Bichon rocking horse!
Precious Bichon has some fun on her Christmas rocking horse from Santa!  Rocking horse is a high quality, hand painted, resin miniature.  Ready to hang!
a sweet ~6" in height
$35  SOLD  thanks!
Please check back often!  New pieces added frequently throughout the season!
Custom orders always welcome... Thanks!


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