...all of my pieces are freehand sculpted in artist quality polymer clay. 
No molds are ever used.  
Each piece so sweet and always unique!  Sealed, dated, and signed.
For Orders or inquiries please email me...
Terri A. McLain

#1. Girls who love wine!


Oh my! Balancing a glass of wine on your nose is no easy task!  This talented Bichon wears a vine of grapes as her headband. 
measures a fun  ~3.5"
$45  SOLD  thanks!


#2. Fluffs who love wine!


Enjoying quarantine a tad too much?
measures a fun  ~4" in length
$45  available


#3.  It's My Birthday!


This cute little Bichon is ready to PAWTAY!  Bring on the cake Mom!
measures a fun  ~4.5"
$45  available




Kiss the cook!
measures a delicious  ~4"
$50  SOLD  thanks!


#5.  Bones du jour 5cents!


Kiss the Cook!
measures a fun  ~4.5"
$50 SOLD  thanks!



#6.  Loving Bichon!
 Oh so loving Bichon sits lovingly with a few friends!  They sit in a high quality rustic, wooden rocker.
measures a loving ~5"x3.5"x2"
$45 SOLD  thanks!



#7.  Bichon n Sock Monkey!
Precious Bichon and her sock monkey take a break from playing to watch Mom eating her dinner!  Who could resist that face. :)


measures  ~4" x 3" x 2.5"
$45  SOLD  thanks!


#8.  Bichon WALKIES!


"Did someone say Walk???  I'm sure I heard the word Walk!"  That face!


measures a lovable ~3.5"
$45  SOLD  thanks!



#9.  Gingerbread Bichon!


This cute little Bichon has gotten into the plate of cookies for Santa!  He loves his adorable sock monkey slippers!
measures a yummy  ~4"
$50  SOLD  thanks!


#10.  Happy Mothers Day!!  SOLD THANKS!  $55


Please check back often!  New pieces added frequently throughout the season!
Custom orders always welcome... Thanks!
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