...all of my pieces are freehand sculpted in artist quality polymer clay.    
Each piece so sweet and always unique!  Sealed, dated, and signed.
For Orders or inquiries please email me...

#1.  Mini BichonArt Nativity!

(one piece figurine)

Miniature BichonArt Nativity!  Adoring Bichon Mary & Joseph lovingly hold their newborn son for the world to see!  They sit in a high quality miniature wooden creche. So precious, you'll want to display all year round!


Wooden stable~ 5.5" x 4.5" x 2.5"
$55  available

#2A. Mine, all mine!  Darling Bichon hugs his Xmas stocking!
  $35 available
 a sweet ~4" in length



#2B. Naughty Bichon!  Uh oh!
  $35 available
 a mischievous ~4" length


#3.  A Bichon Christmas!


Darling Trio of fluffs, around their decorated Christmas tree, celebrating the season!  So sweet and so unique!
Bichons ~3.5"
Xmas Tree ~ 7"
     ladder ~3.25"       
$90  SOLD  thanks!
#4.  BichonMomma!
Beautiful Bichon Mom and her precious pup have some playtime!  This little guy's expression says it all, he loves his Mum!
a loving ~4" in length
$55  available

#5. I Love Mommy!


Oh so sweet Bichon wants the world to know that he loves his Mommy!  His expression says it all!  His sign is a high quality hand painted wood miniature.

a loving 3"h x 3.5"l
$40  SOLD  thanks!
#6.  God Bless America!
Oh so sweet patriotic Bichon loves America!  He holds a wooden, hand painted sign for all to see! 
a proud ~3.5" in height
$35  available

#7.  BichonArt Nativity!


Bichon Mary & Joseph lovingly show the world their newborn pup!  A welcome Christmas miracle.  Always meticulously hand sculpted with love!
a loving ~3.5" x 4.5" x 2"
Wooden stable~ 10" x 6" x 3"
$90  available
#8.  It's all about ME!
...and we all know that's the truth!  Such a sweet Bichon expression!
an adorable ~3.5" in height
$35  available

#9.  Bichons do no evil!
 Precious Bichon trio in the iconic 'Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil' pose!
Bichons ~3" in height
$75  available
Custom orders welcome!
#10.  Bichon Babies!
Oh so precious Bichon babies wait patiently in the pram for their daily walk!  Vintage style pram is a high quality metal miniature in black!
a precious ~4" x 4" x 2"
$75  SOLD  thanks!

#11.  Puppy Crib!
Three darling Bichon puppies being oh so well behaved in their crib!  Girls of course!  Simply sweet!  Crib is a high quality wooden miniature.
a sweet ~4" x 4" x 4"
$75  SOLD  thanks!
#12.  Let it Snow!
 The Bichons take their best buddy out for a ride on their new sled!  Hold on tight and let is snow!  The trio is dressed in their best winter garb!  Sled is a high quality wood & metal miniature.
 Measures a festive ~6.5" x 5" x 2.5"
$75  available

#13.  Bichons love Gifts!


Darling Bichon dressed in a fashionable cap & scarf, waits in anticipation to open the first Christmas gift of the season!  Gift is a quality resin miniature, to which an inquisitive cardinal has been added.  So sweet and so unique!
a gorgeous ~4" in height
$38  available
#14.  Bichon 'LOVE'!
 Bichon Mum & her precious pups spell out the best word in a Bichon's vocabulary!
Bichons measure a loving ~3" - 2"
$75  available

#15.  BichonArt Nativity!


Proud Bichon Mary and Joseph proudly present their newborn son!  So sweet and so unique!
Mary & Joseph ~3.5"

cradle ~2.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"

$75  available
Please check back often!  New pieces added frequently throughout the season!
Custom orders always welcome... Thanks!


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